Mysore Pak

This famous sweet from Karnataka, is so delicious that it keeps you wanting for more. Growing up my mom use to prepare this at home during her day offs from work for festivals and I remember all of us just emptying it in no time. Although this recipe requires very few ingredients to prepare, key to a perfect Mysore pak is patience, technique and practice. Hope you do try this recipe out.


• Sugar 1 cup
• Water ½ cup
• Gram flour 2 cups  (sieved)
• Ghee or clarified butter 1 cup
• Cooking oil 1 cup


• Heat a wok and add one cup cooking oil and one cup ghee to it. Allow this ghee-oil mixture to boil in a low flame. We need this oil-ghee mixture to remain hot.
• Alternatively, in a different wok, add half cup Water and one cup sugar. Stir and boil the sugar to one string consistency.
• Keeping the flame low, add the sieved Besan or gram flour little by little, while stirring continuously ensuring there are no lumps formed.
• Continue adding the gram flour in batches and keep stirring to ensure no lumps are formed.
• Next, add the hot oil and ghee mixture one to two ladle each while stirring the gram flour.
• You will find the gram flour absorbing the oil and ghee.
• Repeat the process until the gram flour and oil- ghee mixture comes together and doesn’t absorb oil-ghee anymore.
• Once it comes together, quickly transfer the mixture to a greased tray.
• Allow it to cool for about half an hour.
• Cut the mysore pak in desired shape and serve.


• Adding generous amount of the hot oil and ghee mixture is very important for the mysore pak to get the soft texture, but ensure to stop once the gram flour starts to separate from the pan.
• Make sure to sieve the gram flour before you add it to the sugar syrup.
• Allow the mysore pak to cool for half an hour before cutting it to the shape you want as it needs time for it to set.
• Lastly, patience, technique and practice is needed to get a perfect mysore pak.


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