Puli rava pongal/ Tamarind rice rava pongal

I learnt this delicious south Indian recipe from my mother. One of easiest and tastiest food perfect for a breakfast or light dinner.
Usually made by soaking raw rice and drying and grinding it to a coarse powder. But I prepared it with Idly rava. We can also prepare this with daliah or normal semolina as well.


• Tamarind – lemon size
• Water 1½cup
• Jaggery ½tspn
• Sesame oil 1 tbspn
• Mustard seeds 1tspn
• Chenna dal 1 tbspn
• Ground nuts 1 tbspn
• Asafoetida a pinch
• Dry red chill 2 to 3 broken inton2
• Curry leaves 1 sprig
• Idly rice/ Rice semolina 1cup
• Red chilli powder ¼tspn
• Salt

• Squeeze the tamarind into pulp with half cup Water and add the jaggery to it and keep aside.
• Heat a wok on the stove and  add sesame oil.
• Once oil is heated add mustard seeds, chenna dal, ground nuts and dry red chilli. Allow them to roast and turn golden brown.
• Now add curry leaves and a pinch of  Asafoetida.
• Add the tamarind and jaggery  water with one cup of water and salt as per taste.
• Now add ¼tspn of red chilli powder and allow the water to come to a boil. Keep the stove in a medium flame.
• Once it comes to a boil simmer and add the Idly rice or rice semolina slowly stirring continously.
• Adjust the water if it is too thick.
• Close and cook for about 2 min.
• Switch off and let it stay for 5 minutes before serving.


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