Schezwan Fried Rice

Ingredients for Schezwan sauce.

• Chings Schezwan chutney 2 tables spoons
• Siracha sauce 1 tablespoon
• Soya sauce 1 tablespoon
• Vinegar 1 tablespoon
• Tomato sauce 1 teaspoon

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and keep it aside

Ingredients for Fried Rice

• Schezwan sauce ¼ to ½ cup
• Spring onion 2 sprig
• Onion 1 finely chopped
• Frozen mixed veggies or finely chopped carrots, beans, peas and cooked Al-dante
• Garlic pods 3 to 4 sliced
• If non-veg then you may add Chicken Sausages or scrambled egg
• Basmathi Rice 1 cup cooked previous day. It should not be mashed. Cook rice with ratio of 1: 1 ½ consistency that is 1 cup rice cooked with 1 ½ cup Water.
• Oil 3 tablespoon (yes! You need more oil)
• Salt as needed.


• Take a heavy bottomed wok and add oil. Keep the flame in high.
• Once oil heats keep flame in medium high and add thr garlic and let it fry until they turn golden.
• Add the onion and fry until it turns translucent and sauté for 2 min .
• Next add the mixed veggies and Sausages or scrambled egg if you are preparinf non-veg version(ensure no water in veggies) toss them well and cook for about 5 min and add salt.
• Now add the schezwan sauce and mix well.
• Now keep the flame high and include the cooked rice and mix well ensuring not to break the rice.
• Turn off stove and garnish with spring onion.


• You may add any veggies that will compliment the fried rice but make sure you fry them well before you add the sauce.
• Basmathi rice tastes better, however you may also try any other non sticky rice as well.
• Lastly, don’t be stingy while adding the oil as its fried rice and should be non-sticky.


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