Colorful Sprouted Green Moong Salad


• Green moong sprouted 1 big cup
• Onion 1 finely chopped
• Tomato 1 finely chopped
• Green chilli 2 finely chopped
• Cucumber 1 finely chopped
• Red Capsicum  half finely chopped
• Yellow Capsicum half finely chopped
• Chaat masala one tspn
• Black salt half tspn
• Red chilli Powder ¼spoon
• Corriander Powder ¼ spoon
• Cumin Powder ¼ spoon
• Juice of one lime
• Salt as per taste

For Garnish

• Pomegranate half cup
• 2 spoons ripe mango
• Corriander leaves finely chopped


• Keep water for boiling. Once it boils switch off the stove and add the sprouted green moong and let it stay in the hot water for not more than 2 minutes.
• Filter the water and keep Green moong aside.
• Now add all the chopped vegetables and add the spices along with lime juice. 
• Add the Green moong and mix well.
• Include all the items mentioned under the garnishing section.
• This healthy and colorful salad is a best to be eaten at dinner time.


• You may also add Green Capsicum instead of yellow and red.
• Mango can be avoided or you may also add raw mango instead.


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