Butter Garlic Spaghetti with Parmesan Cheese

Who doesn’t love Italian food? Be it pizza, pasta or all versions of Spaghetti, everyone loves it. Especially kids! While I try different recipes to include in my son’s favourite list, this recipe turned out to be an instant hit.

Please check the recipe below.


• Spaghetti roughly about 250grms do not break it into 2 halves.
• Butter 1 tablespoon
• Olive oil 1 tablespoon
• Garlic finely chopped
• Crushed red chilli flaked 1 teaspoon
• Parmesan cheese grated ½ cup
• Stock of boiled Spaghetti water ¼ cup
• Basil leaves fistful finely chopped for garnishing
• Salt


• In a large vessel boil the Spaghetti for about 7 to 10min adding salt to it.
• Once cooked reserve ¼ cup water before straining it. Keep the Spaghetti aside.
• Into a wok, add olive oil and butter. Once the butter melts, lower the flame and add finely chopped garlic.
• Ensure the garlic does not turn brown, add in the red chilli flakes.
• Stir for about 30 seconds before adding the cooked Spaghetti.
• Toss it well. Include the stock of Spaghetti water and mix well until the water evaporates.
• Lastely, mix the grated parmesan cheese with the Spaghetti.
• Garnish with finely chopped fresh basil leaves and top it with a little more of parmesan cheese if required.
• Butter Garlic Spaghetti with Parmesan is ready. This is a perfect lunch box recipe for your kids too.

PS: You may also include sundried tomatoes for garnishing.