Murgh Makhni / Butter Chicken

Murgh Makhni

Murgh Makhni / Butter Chicken

Step 1
Chicken marination

Ingredients and method

• Chicken thighs with bone ½ kilo
• Ginger Garlic paste ¾ teaspoon
• Chicken tikka masala powder 1½ teaspoon
• Juice of half a lime.
• Cooking oil 1½ teaspoon
• Salt as needed

Add all the ingredients along with a teaspoon of oil and marinate minimum for 1 to 2 hours. Sauté the marinated chicken with a ½teaspoon of oil for 5 minutes and keep aside. If replacing chicken with paneer do not fry or sauté.

Ingredients for Murgh Makhni

• Marinated and sautéed chicken
• Butter 2 to 3 teaspoon
• Cinnamon stick 1
• Bay leaf 1
• Clove 3
• Cardamom 4
• Ginger Garlic paste ½teaspoon
• Onion 2 medium sized.
• Tomato chopped 3 medium sized 1 blanched and pureed 2 chopped.
• Soaked Cashewnuts 2 tablespoons or about 10 to 12 of them. (Reduce if u must)
• Kashmiri Chilli Powder 1 teapoon
• Corriander Powder ¾ teaspoon
• Cumin Powder ½ teaspoon
• Kasurimethi ½ teaspoon crushed
• Salt as needed
• Corriander leaves finely chopped for garnishing
• Slit green chilli 1
• Fresh cream for garnishing.


Step 2

• Heat 1 teaspoon of butter in a wok and add Cinnamon stick, bay leaf, Clove and Cardamom. Keep the flame in medium high and allow the flavour to blend in with the melted butter and then add the onion and slit green chilli.
• Sauté the onion until translucent and add ginger-garlic paste, salt, Kashmiri Chilli powder, Corriander powder and Cumin Powder.
• Allow the masala to cook with the onion well, before adding the chopped tomatoes. (At this point remove the cinnamon stick, bayleaf, Cardamom and clove from the wok)
• Cook for 5 min. Next, include the soaked Cashewnuts, sauté and cover and cook until the tomatoes are completely cooked and mashed.
• Leave it to cool and blend it in mixer grinder to smooth gravy without adding water.
• Please ensure to remove the cinnamon stick, Clove Cardamom etc before grinding, else the gravy will not get the right color and taste will completely change.

Step 3

• Heat the wok again with 1½ to 2 teaspoon of butter.
• Once heated add the marinated and sautéed chicken.
• Keep the flame low and add the gravy along with pureed Tomato to the chicken. Cover and cook for about 10 min, ensure to sauté intermittently to avoid burning at the bottom.
• You may add ¼ cup water if the gravy is too thick.
• Towards the end, add crushed kasurimethi.
• Check the texture of the chicken and if its cooked before turning off the stove.
• Garnish with Corriander leaves and fresh cream. Serve hot with jeera rice or Roti.

Vegetarians can replace chicken with Paneer. Add the paneer directly to the gravy and cook for 15 min. Don’t need to sauté or fry them separately.


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