Delectable Shakshuka


Having lived in Kuwait for more than a decade now, and with the help of my husband of course, it was about time I got my hands on to learn the art of Arabian Cuisine.

Arabic food is very flavourful and yet simple.
I have always loved food from this side of the world from the very first day I was introduced to it. Their cuisine is healthy, rich in protein and very light on your stomach if eaten in the right quantity.

Shakshuka is one such! It is a famous in the Middle East and North Africa.
Healthy and perfect food for a scrumptious breakfast, it goes very well when eaten along with some cut fruits, freshly squeezed orange juice along with a toasted bread.

This tasty Arabic delicacy not only keeps your stomach full but also ensures you are kept energetic all day. I was very glad to nail the recipe in my very first attempt without even my husband’s support. Do give it a shot and drop your comments below!

Recipe Serves 2 people


• Eggs 3
• Onion 1 finely chopped
• Green chilli 1 finely chopped
• Red or green Bell Peppers /Capsicum- 1 Small finely chopped
• Tomato 1 blanched (peel skin and finely chopped them)
• 4 garlic cloves or ½tspn garlic powder
• Red Paprika powder 1 tsp.
• Red chilli powder ½tsp
• Cumin Powder ½tsp
• Pepper ¼ tsp.
• Salt as needed
• Olive oil 1 tbsp.
• Coriander Leaves for garnishing


• Blanch the tomato and peel the skin off. Chop them finely and keep it aside.
• In a heavy pan, heat olive oil and add chopped onion and green chilli. Sauté well until it turns translucent.
• Add the finely chopped bell peppers /capsicum and sauté until they cook well.
• Now add the chopped garlic cloves or garlic powder along with paprika powder, red chilli powder & Cumin Powder and sauté and cook for about 5 min before adding the blanched tomato.
• Add the blanched tomatoes mix them well and cover and cook for about 2 to 3 min or until the they blend well the remaining ingredients.
• Include salt and pepper to this sauté. Now, while keep your flame in low heat, break the eggs over them. Do not mix or touch. Cover and cook undisturbed for about 5 to 8 min.
• Garnish with finely chopped Coriander leaves.
• Your delectable Shakshuka is ready to serve.


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