The History of Food

Do you know how and when the south Indian sambar was first prepared? Do you know the story of our favourite south Indian breakfast Idly? Do you know the story of some of the most exotic dishes you love the most? Are you aware of the origin and history of some of the ingredients we use in the kitchen in our daily lives? So here we go! I am very happy to introduce a new section in my blog called “History of Food”.

Every Ingredient and every food we eat has its history. It’s quite fascinating when we learn about their origin. Each of them has their own story to tell. Since I have been a history student myself, I love to read and learn the roots of everything around me. This is a very fascinating subject and I ensure to keep you glued to read and learn more about what you consume. Hope you love what’s going to come.

Since the day I started blogging, my intention has never been to restrict myself to writing only about recipes. I always wanted to include some good write-ups and food for thought as well and this is a new inclusion for my new year 2023.

🍀🌹Knowledge has no value unless you use it and share it🍀🌹