Adai /Dal Dosa

Adai or dal dosa is a pancake made in a south Indian brahmin household. Very popular in Tanjavur District in Tamil Nadu, India, it is a pancake which is a culmination of all the lentils along with rice and spices ground together to make a very healthy and tasty dish rich in protein. This dish is unlike normal dosa as it can be prepared without fermenting the batter, although fermenting it makes it a lot tastier.
Adai can be consumed with Avial (a mixed vegtables stew), chutney or just with a simple powdered Jaggery & ghee.
It is thicker than normal rice dosa and a heavy food perfect to eat at lunch or brunch.

• Chenna dal ½ cup
• Toor dal ½ cup
• Green moong / normal split moong ½cup
• Black urad or normal Urad dal ¼ cup
• Idly rice 🍚 ¾ cup
• Red chilli 🌶 5 to 6
• Pepper corn ½ tsp.
• Curry leaves 🍃
• Green chilli 2
• Ginger one inch
• Asafoetida /Hing a pinch
• Cumin seeds /jeera ¼spoon
• Salt as per taste
• Water
• Oil for cooking

• Soak all the dals and the Idly rice for about 2 to 3 hours.
• Grind it in a mixer grinder along with ginger, red chilli, green chilli, pepper corns, curry leaves, jeera, Asafoetida, salt and water.
• Do not add too much water as the batter should be thicker than normal dosa batter yet flowing consistency.
• Grind coarsely and not to a fine batter.
• You may keep it for fermenting or prepare it immediately as well. However, I always ferment my batter as it tastes better.
• Add a tsp of oil in a griddle. Pour a ladle full of batter on the griddle and spread it evenly.
• Add some more oil around it and allow it to cook until it turns golden brown and flip and cook again on the other side.
• Your adai is ready to ve served hot with avial(vegetable stew) chutney or just with jaggery and ghee
• Eating this with plain sour curd tastes good as well.
• We can also add finely chopped onion along with Coriander leaves to the batter just before preparing, to give that extra taste.
Do try this yummy and healthy dal dosa and share your comments.😊


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