When I tasted Middle Eastern Cusine for the first time, hummus was added to my favorite list by default. It’s a dip made of chickpeas and sesame paste. This dish is the heart of Middle Eastern cuisine. Since it is one of my favorites, it was about time I learned and master the art of cooking it as well. And guess what? I got it right! Find the recipe below.


Tahini is nothing but a sesame paste which forms as a base for any dip in the middle eastern cusine. It should be easily available in any hypermarket else just follow the recipe below.

Dry roast a cup of white sesame seeds to golden brown in a pan. Allow it cool to room temperature and coarsely grind it to a powder. Mix it well and add a cup of olive oil and grind it again until you get a smooth flowing consistency.  Your Tahini is ready.



• Boiled chickpeas one cup (soaked and boiled with a pinch of  baking soda)
• Olive oil ½ cup
• Tahini 2 tablespoon
• Lime juice ¼ cup
• Cumin Powder 1 tsp.
• One garlic clove.
• Salt as needed
• Lastly, chilled water ½ cup


• Chickpeas should be soaked overnight and cooked well enough to be mashed. Pressure cook it with a teaspoon of baking soda.
• To a mixer grinder add one cup of boiled and cooked chickpeas.
• Add a garlic cloves, Cumin Powder, Tahini, lime juice, salt, olive oil  and chilled water and grind it.
• Intermittently,  stop and mix the ingredients with a ladle and grind again until you get a fine smooth hummus. Ensure not to add anything more and add chilled water only if you need.
• Taste and check if you would like to add more salt, lime juice or more olive oil as per your taste.
• Transfer it to a bowl. Grease the back of the spoon to smoothen the surface of the hummus and make a small well and add a dash of olive oil.
• Sprinkle red chilli powder and add a few boiled chickpeas for garnishing.
• Your hummus is ready.


• Use chilled water only as this helps to maintain the temperature of the hummus and makes it more creamy. Chilled water also increases the shelf life of the hummus.
• You may increase the quantity of lime juice and olive oil as per your taste.